The Facts: We are creatures of habit; we want to feel like we belong, that we are in control, and are a part of something powerful. Cliques are easily detectable in an organization, and according to CareerBuilder, 43% of workers in the US say their office or workplace is populated with them. Unfortunately, cliques often harm the work environment and organization’s culture and can cause an increase in employee turnover.

The Solution: Address inappropriate behavior with cliques as soon as it occurs. Don’t wait. Stop the gossiping and rumor-spreading before it begins. Educate your employees on what constitutes as workplace bullying and what they should do it if they see it inside the office.


The Facts: Contrary to popular belief, micromanagement is detrimental to employee engagement and overall company morale. Having a manager who is constantly looking over their shoulder can cause the individual trying to accomplish the task, to have a lack confidence in their abilities, loss of motivation on the project, or have them questioning their job security.

The Solution: Hire managers you can trust that are good at delegating tasks, encouraging their employees and giving them the creative control they need to help make your company successful.

No Clear Approval Process

The Facts: Having too many layers of people to go through with no clear approval process will frustrate your employees, make your clients feel like nothing is getting accomplished and ultimately destroy your organization. Your employees need an easy way of getting their thoughts and ideas cleared to be efficient at work.

The Solution: Top-down and well developed organizational charts are a win. This helps employees understand the chain of command. From a project standpoint, identifying stakeholders and the approval process for every project ahead of time will allow fewer hold-ups and give the individuals working on the project a greater sense of accountability.

Lack of Motivation and Encouragement

The Facts: Recognition drives productivity. According to a study at Westminster College, 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were being appreciated. Never offering a word of enthusiasm, praise, or encouragement will run your team out the door. Your employees want to feel like their work matters.

The Solution: Make great work something you highlight on a regular basis. Thank your employees for their hard work and dedication to their organization, small or large. Depending on your budget, put an incentive program in place. Most of all, make your employees feel valued by verbalizing when something is done well and putting support into action when a project needs some restructuring.

My office culture is killing my business, I need some guidance.