Who We Are

By analyzing the smallest details, advising on the big picture, and implementing powerful solutions, we invest in our clients’ success to deliver exceptional value that improves their bottom line.

Our Values Guide All Aspects Of Our Business

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Deliver Success

By combining our client’s knowledge and experience with our diverse expertise, we do what needs to be done to deliver exceptional value while staying true to our “do what’s right” mentality.

Pursue Growth

We believe in fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. That is why we transfer our knowledge to our clients — not just do it for them.

Embrace Challenges

We welcome our client’s most challenging business situations because we thrive where creative tension exists. We believe that is where the best ideas and new solutions emerge.

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Foster Relationships

We strive to build trust through all of our actions, but our success comes from our ability to have honest, straight-forward conversations with our clients. We value partnerships that embrace constructive criticism and encourage destructive thinking.

Establish Purpose

We believe our services offer a competitive advantage to our clients. From day one, we work with our clients to determine a clear purpose. Then, we use transparent decision making to ensure uniformity.

How Our Beliefs Can Shape Your Business and Drive Growth

We’ve been helping companies collectively for more than 50 years. Through that time, we’ve learned that every business is unique, but they all have similar issues and problems. Throughout our many years of helping organizations, we’ve come to believe that there are four key factors that contribute to their success.

People First

People First

It all begins with having the right people in place — people with strong work ethics, positive attitudes, and common sense.

Documented Processes

Documented Processes

Simple, documented processes can make all the difference in terms of communication, structure, and responsibility.

Versatile Technology

Versatile Technology

Technology is a tool, and we believe it should enhance workflow, increase productivity, and ensure data integrity.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

An effective leadership team is the solid foundation for any business. They foster growth, empower people, and instill accountability.

The Leader Behind MRBG

Bob Zab
Bob ZabFinancial/Business Strategy
With over forty years of experience as an executive leader with corporations based in Northeast Ohio, Bob Zab, Managing Partner of Manchester RBG, is uniquely positioned to help organizations improve business performance by implementing best practices that encourage growth and sustainability.

As an executive leader with extensive experience across many industries, Bob saw the need for a full-service advisory group that could better understand and speak the language of small to midsize companies who want to improve and/or grow their organization but have hit the glass ceiling in one or more key areas. With that goal in mind, Bob established Manchester RBG, an advisory group serving all the key business functions for organizations who need help from building a strategic foundation to the actual execution of project plans and the on-going support where needed.

Bob is no stranger to executive and financial leadership, having served in those roles in corporations ranging from small to Fortune 100 companies within varying industries. His experience includes, but is not limited to manufacturing, construction, business services, retail and advisory groups. Throughout his career, Bob was directly responsible for the financial management and incremental growth of many organizations.

Bob’s Advice to All Business Owners:

Never forget the Key Ingredients to Success

  • Surround yourself with good people who have a strong work ethic
  • Exercise common sense
  • Keep things simple
  • Build a culture of trust with your employees and customers

Bob Zab can be reached at 440-823-6561
For more information, see Robert J. Zab on

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