How we impact our clients is so important to us at Manchester RBG. It is testimonials like these that inspire us to keep forging new relationships. It’s always rewarding to get results after a well-implemented plan. It’s even more rewarding to hear our clients feedback, and how humbling it is that we get the opportunity to positively assist with their positive changes.

“Bob and his team have been a pivotal part of the organization and financial management of the company. As mentors, a business partners, and friends, we have been successful with Manchester RBG by our side.”

Frank Scalish – Owner, Scalish Construction

“Manchester RBG has helped us maximize our business in so many ways. Since we have worked alongside one another, dissected our structure, and broadened how we think, we look at business completely different now. Their help has been spot on, challenging us to take a good hard look at ourselves personally, helping with our structure, and realizing what bad habits were in the way, needed to be removed and changed for success. We have been able to take this company to higher heights because of their presence. We feel we are more ready for the future and we have a plan on how to get there.”

Steve Zemba – President, Zemba Family of Companies

“We are a locally owned, small business and at the time had (4) employees. We needed to expand our business, get our A/P and A/R in the proper order, and work through a potential acquisition. All of this was very daunting on its own but collectively it was near impossible for my partner and I to accomplish successfully without hurting our brand and core business. The best decision we ever made was to work with Manchester RBG, who offered us sound financial advice and principles that we were able to put into place. They have a top-notch recruiting division that helped us gain wonderful employees to expand our market reach. They offered us a tremendous sounding board for our acquisition and have helped us secure additional financing that we would never have gotten without their help.

My partner and I are grateful for the entire MRBG team and what they have brought to our company. I am looking forward to a continued and ever-expanding relationship with Manchester and hope that we will once again double in size.”

Mr. Ronald J. Tallon Jr., – Vice President, RDT Concepts

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