Improve Efficiency and Expand Opportunities with System Design and Development

Your legacy systems could be holding your organization back from sustained growth. If it is difficult for your team to identify opportunities, take on projects and/or fix issues it is time to take a step back and focus on your technology.

Going through our system analysis and design process allows you to be able to see your strengths and weaknesses in the organization. Our recommended solutions, will help you solve internal problems, improve efficiency and expand opportunities, positively impacting your organization’s bottom line.

From punch cards to the internet of things, our team of technology architects and engineers bring an in-depth understanding of technology and its effects on business productivity. We start our process by working with you and your team to map out your organization’s IT and software processes-end to-end. From there, we create solutions that will close the gaps, improve user experience, workflow, flexibility, efficiency and security.

You gain:

  • A thorough and documented technology assessment that outlines strengths, weaknesses and gaps.
  • Technical design of large scale software applications and integrated systems.
  • Conceptual architecture with specification documents.
  • Application architecture and design.
  • Software engineering.

Why Manchester RBG?

Manchester RBG helps you evaluate and determine the technology needed to support your short and long-term goals, ensuring you are prepared for the ever-changing business environment. We start by working with you and your team to understand your business, analyze your processes and find the gaps. We then help you identify the best solution(s) for your organization, then take a hands-on approach to build, test, and deploy the technology. We can stick around to train and support your team to ensure your team fully understands the new system.

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