Ensure a High Rate of Return By Selecting the Right ERP System

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is not right for every organization. You first have to understand your organization’s long-terms goals, align those goals with your IT strategy and from there, source the right technology solution(s) that will help you achieve your mark. This process can be overwhelming, possibly detrimental to your organization’s success. We have seen poor selected ERP systems or weak implementations first hand, and the results were destructive to the entire organization. When you partner with Manchester RBG, our goal is to help you minimize risk and costs while providing a strategic roadmap for continued organizational success.

When an ERP solution is right for your organization, we help you through the entire process: initial project planning, strategy roadmap, technical assessment, vendor evaluation and selection, cost analysis, vendor negotiations, implementation, process documentation, employee training and ongoing metric analysis. Once your ERP is up and running throughout the organization, you will be on your way to operational efficiency, and satisfied with the high return on the technology investment.

You gain:

  • Help in selecting an ERP that is the right fit for your organization.
  • Our expertise to guide and supervise the negotiation and implementation process.
  • Ongoing training and metric return on investment.
  • Continued planning and support when needed.

Why Manchester RBG?

Manchester RBG helps you evaluate and determine the technology needed to support your short and long-term goals, ensuring you are prepared for the ever-changing business environment. We start by working with you and your team to understand your business, analyze your processes and find the gaps. We then help you identify the best solution(s) for your organization, then take a hands-on approach to build, test, and deploy the technology. We can stick around to train and support your team to ensure your team fully understands the new system.

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