Expert Guidance When Considering to Sell or Acquire

Whether your organization is looking to sell, grow organically or grow strategically through acquisitions, you are going to be presented with important and tough decisions that will directly impact the future health of your organization. We bring the insight and experience to advise and work hands on with you through each stage of the process. We help ensure you are dealing with the right targets and making the right decisions to accomplish your business objectives.

We help you:

  • Assess your current situation and develop the appropriate growth strategies based on your organizational goals.
  • Identify and evaluate areas of your business to strengthen and maximize your business value and prepare the business for the most profitable sale possible.
  • Execute a strong process and procedure plan that can be used to ensure you stay focused on growing your business value for your best possible offer when ready to sell.
  • Help you target business(es) that may be a good acquisition.

Why Manchester RBG?

Our approach is very practical and hands on. First, we take a step back to see where you are now -- and where you need to go. Then, we focus on your organization’s financial performance to thoroughly understand your unique strengths and struggles. From there, we develop a plan to accomplish your goals. Once we are on the same page, we stick around for implementation and work directly with you and your team. The net effect is that while we all work together to improve your business performance, your team absorbs our knowledge and learns through our implementation process. The outcome is -- from the ground up -- performance improvement and sustained growth.

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