Improve Your Business Performance and Build a Sustainable Future

Without a good succession plan in place, most small and midsize businesses sell for pennies on the dollar (thirty cents). Why? Because buyers see a business that is built and run by the owner and when the owner is gone, so is the value of the organization. A successful sale depends on the buyer believing your company can run without you.

We help organizations like yours put a succession plan in place to ensure your business will be attractive to buyers when the time comes. We make sure you have the right people, processes and systems that create a sustainable business your exit strategy will align with. As we consider your success to be our success, we will be there with you every step of the way to review, implement and fulfill your exit strategy.

You gain:

  • An exit strategy focused on adding as much value as possible to your organization.
  • Our knowledge of internal systems and procedures to make your organization attractive to purchase.
  • Our team to help you implement, train and sustain any new programs we put in place.

Why Manchester RBG?

Our approach is very practical and hands on. First, we take a step back to see where you are now -- and where you need to go. Then, we focus on your organization’s financial performance to thoroughly understand your unique strengths and struggles. From there, we develop a plan to accomplish your goals. Once we are on the same page, we stick around for implementation and work directly with you and your team. The net effect is that while we all work together to improve your business performance, your team absorbs our knowledge and learns through our implementation process. The outcome is -- from the ground up -- performance improvement and sustained growth.

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