Modernize Your Sales Process for More Effective Lead Generation

Lead generation is critical to the health of your pipeline. Your sales team is more likely to improve close rates if they begin with qualified, warm leads. How to get those leads is the million dollar question. Networking, events, trade shows and more can surface a hidden sales gem or two, but what you need is a steady flow of qualified, interested leads to feed your sales team.

We will help you define your best leads and put a process in place to help you find more of the same. We will work with you and your team to develop a plan with actionable items incorporating human, technology and marketing systems to ensure a healthy influx for your team to follow up and close. If you need us to help you implement and sustain your new process, we will stick around to ensure you are getting the results you need while optimizing and sustaining the process.

You gain:

  • A defined process to increase qualified leads and close rates.
  • A sales and marketing structure that enables marketing to support sales.
  • Training where needed to solidify the new sales process.
  • Tracking and reporting to ensure accountability.

Why Manchester RBG?

We bring years of experience and proven processes to our clients. We begin by thoroughly understanding where your sales are now and where they need to be. We then help you build a strategic plan to build and sustain your sales team and overall sales growth of the organization. With the plan in place, we help you oversee your current team or provide the extra bandwidth to be able to accomplish your goals.

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