Your Strategic Marketing Plan is Your Roadmap to Success

Because we work with the mindset that marketing, over time, should pay for itself, we start each engagement by conducting a brand and marketing discovery session. We begin with a thorough analysis of where your marketing is now, where it must be and how we are going to get there. We work with you and your team to clearly define a strategic marketing plan with a roadmap that covers all the different aspects of marketing you need to work on to be successful. In other words, we make sure you are findable on every channel that makes sense for your product or service.

For us to do our job successfully and ensure results, we need to make sure we are marketing to the right people, in the right places and at the right time.

Our discovery session includes:

  • Current and future state of the organization.
  • Current strategy and technologies.
  • Brand foundation (your vision, mission, values, differentiators and brand personality and tone).
  • Brand look and feel.
  • Brand position and competition.
  • Current and future target audiences.

Why Manchester RBG?

We believe your marketing should pay for itself over time and that is why we help you align your marketing strategy with your business goals. Our marketing experts help you and your team build a marketing plan to generate your highest return while boosting your brand. We make sure your marketing strategy and the resources needed to implement it are focused on optimizing your brand while achieving your overall business goals.

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